Sick in the UK

Hey all.

Sorry for the delay in posting. I’ve got the rest of this evening off and I don’t think I have much planned for tomorrow, so I’m going to work on a few of the dozens of word documents that are saved articles for this blog!

So most recently in the UK, I’ve been sick! I got hit with the flu and man oh man did it take me out! I’m feeling much better right now, still not 100%, but definitely sitting at about 90% right now. I think what made it difficult over here being sick: no chicken noodle soup to be found (at least one I could use – no way to heat up soup in my hotel room, say for my tea pot), and I couldn’t find Gatorade at all! So after a stop at TESCO I found Lucozade which is the UK equivalent to Gatorade and it tastes just like orange sherbert! I found cup of soup, chicken and vegetables – but it was like a creamy soup as most of them are over here.

I just wrapped up an article for The Hidden Triforce and should probably see that posted on Monday. I’ve got a few others I want to focus on for them soon as E3 is coming up and they prefer to see recent staff articles, and I intend to go to E3 this year.

Shout out to my pal, Katie! I know what it’s like to wait to hear good news about getting a job, so seriously kiddo, congrats! Looking forward to tea, coffee, or beer soon!

Well that’s going to wrap it up for me right now. Enjoy some Hall & Oates.


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