Let’s Catch Up

As a writer, I feel there is a double-edged sword behind the idea of writing. There are days when I have what feel like millions of ideas flowing through my brain and my fingers can’t keep up when crafting these ideas into stories. Then there are days and months where I feel like I haven’t had an original thought worth writing about.

I feel like I’ve gotten so behind schedule on what I’ve wanted to get done and accomplished with this blog in the course of the year. That’s no complaint as I’ve preoccupied my time with a lot of exciting activities, a lot of travelling and learning from work, taking on new challenges in my spare time, and starting that thing called dating.

Sad to say, I’ve decided to scrap the rest of the England series. Mostly because I’m not entirely positive I can remember everything great enough to tell a story. The other reason is that I’m trying to look forward and not back. This isn’t to say I frown upon my experiences this past year, just that we’re well over a year to cram the rest of a story.

And for those that really want the ending, here it is:

I left England. Flew back to America. Flew out to St. Louis.  Went to Nashville. Came home.

That’s truthfully the extent of my travelling post-England. Not terribly exciting. Though I will say two things that I haven’t completely discussed. There was a brief week (almost two) where my brother was flown over to England to assist on the project. I enjoy working with my brother because he can explain things to me so painfully simple that it is beneficial. But he said something to me one night as we got on the Underground at Piccadilly:

Brad & I – London Eye, December 2013

“Did you ever think you and I would ever be in England together? Look at all the places we’ve been to together because of Dad and his job taking him all over. But look where we are – did you ever once in your lifetime think that you and your big brother would be London at the same time?”

No. The bitter answer to that is no. Brad had been to England before. But then I thought about what he said and how many awesome places we really have been together as kids and now as adults working together on a project in England was a great feeling.

That, and no one will ever figure out why this is my favorite picture from Bristol.

Love this picture of Bristol.

Why haven’t you been writing then?

I’ve been “busy.” I’ve also taken a break from the blog writing to do some fiction writing. But then I forgot that I can share that here because – hey, it’s my blog. And the 8 of you reading this will just really enjoy it.

I’ve got a lot of articles in the pipes and they’re on the way to the blog. Just be patient.

I hope everyone has a great start to their week. And take care of each other out there. Do something for someone, like go out of your way for someone. Kindness goes miles.



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