I have no clue how some people balance their lives.

I’m a single adult and find myself struggling to accomplish the few things I want to accomplish in a day, week, or month.

Sure, some things are done out of necessity: being a parent, working, being a spouse, sleeping. But not all of those apply to me.

But how do people manage their time?  I find traveling so much lately is perhaps why I feel I don’t have good time management. Or maybe it’s not that I have bad time management, it’s just that I’m not focusing hard enough.

I had to sacrifice a lot to maintain the balancing act of being in a relationship, but even then I was accused of not having the right priorities. 

Though I believe in compromise, I don’t believe in radically altering your life for someone. That means you’re not being true to yourself. Why put on a facade of acting one way versus another?

I have a friend that I have no idea how he does what he does. Daily. 40 hours per week. Grad school. 30 hours per week on private business. 30 hours per week on homework. Married. Has to deal with some asshole friend often. I mean, to say I’m impressed is a lie. I’m amazed and jealous and trying to figure out how.


But that’s one person. I have siblings and friends that are married with children and sacrifice a lot of their time.

And what do I do? This. Well, not solely this because we’re a few months since the last post here. I miss writing. Writing used to give me a purpose, and I just haven’t had time to balance that passion back into my life. 

I want to be more available to write for here and for the Zelda sites I’m working with.

I want to get my own other site up and going.

I want to buy my first house…and at my rate probably my I my house.

I want to not have student loan debt.

I want to continue to get better at my job.

I want to be rid of anxiety. And the terrible mental practice I have on myself that not everything is the end of the world.

I just want to breathe and figure out who adult me really is. I started a running regiment again and I have the shin splints and leg pains to prove it.

The lesson I’m learning is to just learn to balance what I can and try to work on what’s slipping through.

Man maintains his balance, poise, and security only as he is moving forward. 

Wise words by Maxwell Maltz.

That’s the key. To just move forward.

Until next time… 



One thought on “Balance

  1. It was wonderful catching up on your blog. Hadn’t read it in awhile, so you know there were some that left my eyes wet!
    Balancing life isn’t always easy. If you have someone in your life to help you balance and not drag you down, it works much better. And I will always tell you, talk to the man upstairs!! Love you!

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