“Have you written anything lately?”

This past weekend, I had the delightful opportunity to see two friends that I met in middle school and I am thankful for the laughs, confessions, and continued support of friendship with two these two amazing women.

While playing the game of catch up at an old bar that we would frequent around the holidays, I found myself having to admit some harsh realities that I’ve not really wanted to. Failed relationships, job uncertainty, and the ever daunting future, one question was asked that made me happy:

Have you written anything lately?

I answered with an exciting “not really!” Which is more or less the truth.

Yes, I got this blog dusted off and aiming to continue to write here once a week (or more). But the question was looking more at the creative side of my life, to which I haven’t really focused on anything with that part of the brain.

The last time I created any amount of fiction was back in the old Kalamazoo days where I mimicked a lot of what Richard Castle’s life would have been, except I didn’t have a hottie detective I shadowed. I had a pal that worked in the cadaver lab. Weird/gross fact: he would eat in the same room as dead bodies. So…that was interesting.

I’m not sure if the old Malcolm Quinn stories will ever see the light of day. Maybe on here. Maybe never. There was also a challenge story that had me write a short story about what would happen if James Bond took on The Joker. That got dark quick and I’m not sure if I’m ever letting that one away from the chest.

It got really, REALLY dark.

Sure, I hear character voices in my head (is that healthy to admit? I’m a writer, so I’ll say yes), and have some beautiful, heartbreaking scenes I want to craft with my words, but overall I have not been creative on that front.

Perhaps when I get this focus on my life balanced, I can properly harness this blog. I actually plan on trying to update this blog twice a week now, one for the normal Unofficially Published craziness and the other being my health milestone for the week.

I hope within a few weeks that balance will present itself and I’ll be creating short stories again. I’ve sorely missed the creative part of my life. Too many negative influences that I bought into had me hiding in fear from sharing anything. Isn’t anxiety fun, kids?

I would love to write something once a week, almost episodic. Branden, my partner at the Ready Gamer One podcast, he and I have even tossed the idea around of doing a monthly podcast that is essentially like old time radio dramas. I have ambition for this and I know I have a very talented partner to back me up.

We’ll see what happens.

To my two dear Emily’s: thank you both for your kindness, friendship, and story telling. It was incredible to catch up and I’m excited for what the immediate future has in store for all of us.

Until next time, take care of each other out there.


2 thoughts on ““Have you written anything lately?”

  1. I find I don’t write nearly as much as I should – but I keep getting ideas. I think you are on the right track (or is that “write” track?” ) set a goal of how often to write and stick to it! Good luck.

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