Take the Good with the Bad

You will have bad days. That’s not a threat so much as it is a guarantee.

I could spin the wheel and make this entry about my struggles with anxiety and depression, but that’s not the agenda.

Yesterday I went out for a run, of which I had been putting off for a few days. Based on the Couch to 5k plan, as of this blog entry, I should be on week 3, day 2, heading into day 3 by now.

Yesterday I completed day 3 of week 2 (day 6 overall). Running yesterday sucked.

A lot of the elements were right for an ideal run: relatively nice day (~mid 70s), decent breeze, not super muddy from the rain the previous few days. Overall a great day to run.

But when your head isn’t in it and your stomach is kind of meh, your run will not go great.

I pushed through. I completed ~1.75 miles in my outing. Usually I see myself going a little over 2 miles. That tells me I was moving slower than I thought. This is weird to me because I felt like I was pushing myself in a few spots and genuinely felt like I was going fast.

Getting back to my car, I did my stretches and drank my water and took a moment to reflect that today was a bad run. And that is OK.

I couldn’t muster much of a smile yesterday.

I have friends that lift and they have bad lifting days.

I have friends that play soccer and they have bad practices and games.

It’s OK to have a bad day. It’s how we learn to find ways to improve.

While eating dinner last night I thought to myself: At least I went out and ran. That’s not me slamming people that don’t exercise so much as it is a reminder to myself that being active every day is the goal.

Here’s the silver lining – this morning I got on the scale. Down some more. I am now in this fluctuating window of +/- 4 lbs. of being down 90lbs. since last June. This morning I put on a new pair of shorts I ordered from Old Navy a few months ago. Waist size 42. I couldn’t button them when I bought them in February. I can now. I’ve gone from wearing size 48 jeans to 42. The kicker is that I’m tall, so my length is 34. Let me tell you, finding 42×34 is a lot easier than 48×34 and 46×34.

While yesterday wasn’t a stellar outing, it’s a reminder that hard work does pay off. Sometimes the surprising pick-me-up of putting on clothes you swear don’t fit that end up fitting is an amazing feeling and it’s a feeling I wish on everyone – not just those that are trying to lose weight, but those that might be trying to gain and bulk up.

If I remember anything from my half marathon training back in 2009-2010, it’s that you have to keep positive when you have the bad days. There might be days where I’m supposed to run 3 miles that day and I might get a mile in and say “I can’t. Not right now.” That’s OK. If you’re not feeling it, let it go. But don’t shirk your responsibility. Make time to squeeze those other two miles in.

Just remember: Take the good with the bad.


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