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Ben Cornett – Creator, Unofficially Published

A child of the 80’s, Ben Cornett has always thought he had a way with words. Throughout his early education, Ben tended to favor Language Arts (Reading and Writing) over math and science. He does have a strong appreciation of history, however.

His vivid imagination has helped along his writing path. Such an imagination has allowed him to create wonderful short stories, as well as become very good at manipulating the truth. “I’d never make a great lawyer, but I’d be a terrific actor. I can create these scenarios in my head and actually believe them – then I’m pretty good at convincing others. Some would say that’s the brain of a psychotic, to me, I say it’s the brain of a talented artist.”

Ben studied at Monroe County Community College then completed his Bachelor of Arts degree at Western Michigan University in 2012. He did not participate in any ceremony, as he felt he graduated the way he came in: silently unnoticed. “I didn’t want to make a big fuss. Sure, I think it would have made my family proud to attend commencement at WMU, but at the end of the day I still received a diploma. I’m still a graduate of WMU. I am forever and always a Bronco.”

Ben has participated in varied sports, but says soccer was his favorite. In 2008, Ben ran his first 5k and in 2010 completed his first half-marathon. “In high school I was very much the music nerd. I was in both band and choir and not ashamed of any of that. I had fun and met a lot of great people.”

Ben Cornett currently resides in Michigan and is looking forward to moving to the west coast.

Ben believes that if people took just a few extra minutes every day to do something out of their way for a complete stranger, the world would be a less terrifying place. “I firmly believe that it is our job just as human beings to look out for each other. So many people turn to politicians or higher executives for protection or to take care of them, but the truth is we must take care of each other and stop being so petty.”

It is Ben’s hope that one of his articles will resonate with you. He hopes his varied experiences can shed a light on a solution you perhaps did not think about or to reassure you that you weren’t the only one to experience weird things. Ben is no stranger to embarrassment, so that’s why he writes the things he does – so you don’t have to be afraid that you are the only one. Because you aren’t.

Ben currently runs The Hyrule Herald and hosts his own podcast with his friends, Ready Gamer One.


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