I have no clue how some people balance their lives. I’m a single adult and find myself struggling to accomplish the few things I want to accomplish in a day, week, or month. Sure, some things are done out of necessity: being a parent, working, being a spouse, sleeping. But not all of those apply […]

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Let’s Catch Up

As a writer, I feel there is a double-edged sword behind the idea of writing. There are days when I have what feel like millions of ideas flowing through my brain and my fingers can’t keep up when crafting these ideas into stories. Then there are days and months where I feel like I haven’t […]

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Thank You

Hey all. I’ll apologize for the delay in posting, but this topic deserved to be mentioned. Also, I’ll warn you that I’ve linked to some material that might not be safe for work or you find it offensive. Deal with it. This week I feel like I’ve lost a great friend – but I never […]

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Scent Memories (or Spaghetti)

Regular readers of the blog (aka friends) know that a few months ago I lost my grandfather. The only thing I asked for from my Papaw’s house was the pot he used to make his spaghetti sauce. I can’t explain what it is about the way he made his sauce, but it was one of […]

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The last item entered into this blog is almost 2 months old. That’s unacceptable in my eyes as I wanted to strive to be much more active on this. However, I am learning that hobbies can only be just that: hobbies. If writing were my main source of income, it’d be a different story – […]

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Sick in the UK

Hey all. Sorry for the delay in posting. I’ve got the rest of this evening off and I don’t think I have much planned for tomorrow, so I’m going to work on a few of the dozens of word documents that are saved articles for this blog! So most recently in the UK, I’ve been […]

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New Year

Hey all. Sorry for the few weeks off. Since Christmas, I had been a little under the weather and that didn’t really break until my birthday on January 5. I also flew out on the 3rd to England again, and have been busy prepping for the project go-live here. Unfortunately, my writing and upkeep on […]

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