Scent Memories (or Spaghetti)

Regular readers of the blog (aka friends) know that a few months ago I lost my grandfather. The only thing I asked for from my Papaw’s house was the pot he used to make his spaghetti sauce. I can’t explain what it is about the way he made his sauce, but it was one of […]

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The last item entered into this blog is almost 2 months old. That’s unacceptable in my eyes as I wanted to strive to be much more active on this. However, I am learning that hobbies can only be just that: hobbies. If writing were my main source of income, it’d be a different story – […]

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Sick in the UK

Hey all. Sorry for the delay in posting. I’ve got the rest of this evening off and I don’t think I have much planned for tomorrow, so I’m going to work on a few of the dozens of word documents that are saved articles for this blog! So most recently in the UK, I’ve been […]

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New Year

Hey all. Sorry for the few weeks off. Since Christmas, I had been a little under the weather and that didn’t really break until my birthday on January 5. I also flew out on the 3rd to England again, and have been busy prepping for the project go-live here. Unfortunately, my writing and upkeep on […]

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Twelve days of Christmas – 2

This article is about my two New Year’s Resolutions for 2014. I’d say weight loss right off the bat, but that’s not practical and always said. So if I say something like 2. Train to beat my time in a 5k… …then that’s a goal that is not only doable, it’s something that will incorporate […]

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Twelve Days of Christmas – 3

I could cop out and post the three favorite places I’ve visited, but saying “Bristol,” “London,” and “Amsterdam,” would be too easy. What I want to say is that 2013 has been a fairly decent year, and has provided great change to my life this year. 3. Started to write again. This blog isn’t my […]

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Twelve Days of Christmas – 4

Looking a little past Christmas, I thought I’d show what I’m looking forward to in 2014 followed by a recap of 2013, and then my New Year’s Resolution. This will all end on Christmas Day (maybe Christmas Eve) with my last post in this series: Ben’s Christmas Wish. This post will share four things I’m […]

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