The Big Move

I dislike chaos. Lately, I find this to be the status of my life, but I believe that’s solely because I’ve been traveling a lot for work and I’m also trying to pack up another apartment to move to another one. I think I’ve found a “home.” It’s not a house or anything. I don’t […]

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~30 Down

Friends. Family. Random strangers of the internet that have found this site by creeping on my profile for my Zelda site or my podcast. Hello, and welcome to Unofficially Published. This blog technically started sometime in 2010 when I was still an undergrad at Western Michigan University, so let’s call it seven-ish years be good with it. […]

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Rediscovering Me

I think it’s easy for anyone to stop and take a look and say “is this really my life?” and move on. I think it’s harder for most to actually stop, ask that question, and then say “how did we get here? How do we change it back? How do we adapt to this?” Three very good […]

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Site Changeup

Hey everyone. Another summer has come and gone and fall is fast upon us. With that in mind, change is upon us at Unofficially Published. A few site changes are coming, along with a few new articles. On a quick update note – I have paid off another student loan and that actually freed up […]

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Do What You Love

There are times I’m often annoyed when people will send me messages like this on Facebook: Hey – uh, why are you always sharing stuff about Zelda? Aren’t you a little old for that? No. I am old enough and wise enough to not judge someone else’s passions. Is it childish to be a fan […]

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I have no clue how some people balance their lives. I’m a single adult and find myself struggling to accomplish the few things I want to accomplish in a day, week, or month. Sure, some things are done out of necessity: being a parent, working, being a spouse, sleeping. But not all of those apply […]

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Let’s Catch Up

As a writer, I feel there is a double-edged sword behind the idea of writing. There are days when I have what feel like millions of ideas flowing through my brain and my fingers can’t keep up when crafting these ideas into stories. Then there are days and months where I feel like I haven’t […]

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Thank You

Hey all. I’ll apologize for the delay in posting, but this topic deserved to be mentioned. Also, I’ll warn you that I’ve linked to some material that might not be safe for work or you find it offensive. Deal with it. This week I feel like I’ve lost a great friend – but I never […]

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