Take the Good with the Bad

You will have bad days. That’s not a threat so much as it is a guarantee. I could spin the wheel and make this entry about my struggles with anxiety and depression, but that’s not the agenda. Yesterday I went out for a run, of which I had been putting off for a few days. […]

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Running Relationship

Running is a relationship. There are good days, and there are bad days, and if you get lazy in the relationship, you end up missing out on a lot of the fun and benefits of it. I fell out of love with running in 2010. I achieved my goal. 2:50:18. 220 lbs – which that […]

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Be Kind

Be kind. Isn’t that phrase something that is repeated so often to children growing up? I was watching Patton Oswalt’s latest stand-up special, Annihilation, this past week and he takes a decent amount of time to address something that has been on everyone’s minds: how is he coping since the death of his wife? Towards […]

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The Big Move

I dislike chaos. Lately, I find this to be the status of my life, but I believe that’s solely because I’ve been traveling a lot for work and I’m also trying to pack up another apartment to move to another one. I think I’ve found a “home.” It’s not a house or anything. I don’t […]

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~30 Down

Friends. Family. Random strangers of the internet that have found this site by creeping on my profile for my Zelda site or my podcast. Hello, and welcome to Unofficially Published. This blog technically started sometime in 2010 when I was still an undergrad at Western Michigan University, so let’s call it seven-ish years be good with it. […]

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Rediscovering Me

I think it’s easy for anyone to stop and take a look and say “is this really my life?” and move on. I think it’s harder for most to actually stop, ask that question, and then say “how did we get here? How do we change it back? How do we adapt to this?” Three very good […]

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